Special Thanks

to all the people who helped

inspire and arrange the



Robert James,

Eddie Caraeff, Rio Caraeff,

John Harada, Jun Harada,

Dwight Twilley, Jan Twilley,

Susan Cowsill, Larry Bell,

Albert Spevak, Kevin Kerslake,

Bill Hochberg, Patty Ferry,

Greg Roberson, Liz Heller,

Michael Rhyan, Scott Osterbind

& Cru


Thanks To The Hosts:

Robert Berman, Jack Emerson, Bob Martin, Jamie Harmon, Moriah Claud, Phillip Hamilton, Robert James, Rob Norton,

Barry Smith, Mark Campbell,

Jerry Warman, Cliff Hulse,

Vid Ingelevic, Blake Fitzpatrick

& Lee Rickard






POP ^ ART is a rolling sprint across America into a wide range of

cities, legendary in artistic contributions. LA Artist Zox will share his unique aesthetics exhibiting his current work "Idol Icon Avatar," a series of paintings inspired by the historic journey of portraiture.

Fifty original works-oils, acrylics, watercolors-will be transported from city to city to be shown in galleries and other up-to-the-minute venues.


A contemporary phenom in Los Angeles, pop-ups have been trending the past couple of years in the area of fashion and dining, but, to our knowledge, a US pop-up art tour has yet to be been done.


Zox's pop-up shows were staged in Santa Monica, Silicon Valley, Tulsa, Memphis, Nashville, Columbus, OH, Brooklyn, Soho, Washington, DC, New Orleans, Austin, Taos, Los Angeles and Fullerton, CA, all taking place between September 13 and October 15, 2014.


A limited edition of one hundred signed USA Lip prints honoring the event will be available. Videographer Cru has document the tour, extending the life of the journey into an on-going experience.