Long-time film collaborators Artist Zox and Videographer Cru exhibited Zox paintings in galleries and cultural venues across the states and back, including Santa Monica, Silicon Valley, Tulsa, Memphis, Nashville, Columbus, Brooklyn, Manhattan, D.C., New Orleans, Austin, Taos and Los Angeles.


We’d like you and those on the verge of creative careers to see this inspirational film. Our next step is to set a nationwide pop-up film tour at university art and film departments and museums. Screenings will be followed by discussions on how best to disseminate art to those from every walk of life.


Pop-Up Art is designed to inspire. Popping up, either online or in person, creates a window of immediacy that accentuates the art experience.


While in college, Zox had a chance to interact directly with Andy Warhol and Allen Ginsberg, the most influential events of his artistic life. Inspired by those encounters, our mission is to create events in that same vein.


Videographer Cru has documented the tour, extending the life of the journey into an on-going experience. See the film.